About Us

Greeting from the President

Supporting the Work of Our Clients through Our Global Network and Strength in Product Proposal

Nobuaki Yamanoi / President and Representative Director

We, the Sakai Trading Group, began in 1936 when the trading division of Sakai Chemical Industry broke off and became independent. A subsidiary was established in New York in 1968. We currently have operational branches in America, Asia-Oceania and the middle East.

As a member of the Sakai Chemical Group, our company hopes to be a "group of coordinators who take action by looking one step ahead" for clients in a wide variety of fields, starting with inorganic and organic chemical products as well as hygienic materials, electronic materials, pharmaceuticals, raw ingredients for health food products and others. We aspire to be a company who "through our information and raw materials, firmly supports our clients who are tasked with the manufacturing that sustains our society."

We also aim to be a company where each staff member approaches their work with great enthusiasm, with the mantra that "if it isn't enjoyable, it isn't work".

Nobuaki Yamanoi
President and Representative Director