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Message from the President

About the Business Summary for the 92nd Term

Greetings to all our valued investors. We would like to give you our sincerest thanks for your continued patronage. We present to you here our business summary for the 92nd term.

Koji Akamizu
President and Representative Director

Photo: Koji Akamizu
President and Representative Director

Progress and Achievements of Our Operations

Amidst continuing improvements in the employment situation and corporate earnings, business conditions improved to a moderate recovery in Japan's economy during this year's consolidated accounting period. However, with an increase in operational costs due to a steep rise in resource prices and lack of human resources, along with rising uncertainty due to policy trends and geopolitical risks in the United States and elsewhere overseas, the situation continues to be as opaque as ever.

As for our corporate group, this situation has led us to work on proactively improving our operational activities and sales efficiency as well as strengthening our foreign business strategy. As a result, in relation to sales, the steady increase for electronics materials such as barium carbonate and hygienic materials, in addition to chemicals such as titanium oxide and catalysts, meant that the operating results for this year's consolidated accounting period showed an increase in revenue compared to last year. In terms of profitability there was a decrease in profit for operating income, ordinary income and profit attributable to owners of parent companies compared to last year's consolidated accounting period due to the repayment and transition costs for the implementation of a new core system, an increase in operating expenses due to the temporary expenditure related to moving the head office and an increase in operational activity expenses etc., as well as a fall in business performance due to sluggish productivity at the manufacturing subsidiary in Indonesia.

As a result, net sales in this year's consolidated accounting period rose 7.0% compared to last year to 36,761 billion yen, while our operating income fell 25.3% to 417 million yen and our ordinary income decreased 35.2% to 310 million yen. The profit attributable to owners of parent fell 36.1% to 194 million yen.

The business performances for each segment are as follows.

Domestic Departments

For this year's consolidated accounting period, thanks to an increase in sales of chemical products and electronics materials, the overall revenue for this consolidated accounting period was 32.547 billion yen which represents a rise of 4.7% compared to last year. Meanwhile, operating income fell by 31.1% to 283 million yen due to an increase in selling costs associated with strengthening our operational activities together with general administrative expenses etc.

International Subsidiaries

For this year's consolidated accounting period, due to factors such as an increase in sales related to chemical and hygienic products in Southeast Asia, the overall revenue for this consolidated accounting period was 4.213 billion yen which represents a rise of 28.4% compared to last year. In comparison, the sluggish productivity was one of the main reasons at our manufacturing subsidiary in Indonesia for our operating income falling by 33.6% to 108 million yen.

Issues to Be Handled

As a trading company we will undertake the policies below to raise our expertise and internationalization while working towards further solidifying our operational foundations and corporate governance, thereby increasing the trust placed in us by society and raising our corporate value even higher.

  1. With “customers come first” as our motto, we will strengthen our expertise to further solidify our proposal-based creative group.
  2. We will strive to strengthen our strategies by making use of our foreign network to respond to the global market.
  3. We will work towards securing capable human resources and cultivating professionals.
  4. Solid governance is essential for the continued development of a company. We will strive to maintain and raise the level of our compliance and internal control.
  5. “In order to pass on our irreplaceable Earth to future generations, in all aspects of our business activities centered around chemical products we will strive to develop and promote the sale of products that will help to lessen the burden on the environment.” With this as our environmental policy, our group will come together to work towards improving the environment.

To all our valued shareholders, we are grateful and look forward to your continued support and guidance.